Champagne Caillez Lemaire

Champagne Caillez Lemaire à Damery

In the beginning the sun...

Then, the terroir

Sitting mainly on the right bank of the Marne Valley, our vineyards benefit from the warm, sunny location.
Our vineyards are very fragmented: from East to West, they begin in Hautvillers, with our oldest plot, planted by our great-grandfather. They follow on to Cumières, then Damery, where the majority of the plots are situated and where the family house was built in 1825.

To the North, our vineyards can also be found in upper Fleury-la-Rivière, and others still in the Ardre Valley towards the Montagne de Reims, in the village of Chaumuzy.

The last plot is situated opposite Damery, in the village of Vauciennes, situated on the left bank of the Marne river.

This amounts to a total of 57 plots spread over 6 villages and a variety of terroirs: a diversity of exposures , soils and sub-soils. Sometimes, sand can be found, but most plots are influenced by the subtleties of clayey-chalky sub-soils!

Then, our grapes

We want them to express the best of our terroir.
We have chosen to work with vineyard experts who advise us on ways to develop alternative methods that support biodiversity and rooting. Of course, we ensure our plots maintain grass-cover between the vines and allow space for ploughing. Obtaining HEV certification (High Environmental Value) recognises and rewards our sustainable policies, but we do not consider it an end result. For us, nothing is set in stone and we are constantly looking for other ways to get the best from our vineyards.

Our grape varieties: 3.5 ha Pinot Meunier, 2 ha Chardonnay and 1.5 ha Pinot Noir.

Harvesting for winemaking

Sincerity is essential for us: this means offering our customers a wine for which we have controlled every stage of its production, starting with the vineyards where we do everything in our power to obtain a good quality harvest.
Throughout the year, our employees contribute significantly to this task, the culmination of which is the harvest, carried out by our team of pickers. Knowing how the grapes have been grown and how they have ripened is the first step towards making one’s own wine.

Independence has always been a key concept for our family; it is also the motto of the Vignerons Indépendants network of which we are a member.

The texture of wood

Champagne is defined both by its terroir and its winemaker.
Our vinification techniques (no filtration, no fining, no malolactic fermentation, temperature control, etc.) leave an impact on our Champagnes.

40 % of our wines go further still, bearing the strong influence of oak barrels.

Barrels allow the wines to fully express themselves and highlight their complex, rich aromas.

Our barrels are stored in a cool environment, in cellars, which enables the juice to ferment slowly and develop a very long finish.

This vinification also helps us to keep our plots separate and create more precise blends.

Furthermore, oak barrels are natural products which only require water, air, fire and the hand of man (according to our barrel maker Jérôme Viard).

These are the reasons why we have decided to use even more oak barrels in the future.

Aging in
the soft light of the cellars

Each year, we create and recreate our blends.
Once bottled, the newly born Champagne still needs to age...

We are lucky to own old cellars which maintain the perfect temperature.

We decide on the duration of the ageing process according to each cuvee's aging potential.. For our Jadis cuvee, we have chosen a very demanding ageing technique: upon bottling, bottles are sealed using natural corks fastened with traditional metal wires. Letting the Champagne age in the cellars for the optimal 8-year period preserves the freshness which makes this Champagne so generous and complex.

In the end, it’s all about passion

CAILLEZ LEMAIRE Champagne is the tale of men and women inspired by their hometown valley.
For centuries, they have strived to promote their affection for their terroir, comprised of numerous plots along the banks of the River Marne, embodied in their cuvées and marked by the intensity of their flavours.

Raymond CAILLEZ and Andrée LEMAIRE, born into families in the wine-growing business since the 18th century, were suffused with a sense of independence, determination and creativity, and became wine-growers/producers themselves, founding their brand at the ages of 22 and 20 years respectively.

Their heirs, Annie and Henri Caillez have further developed the domain, handing down their skills to Virginie and Laurent Vanpoperinghe who today uphold the values of their family Champagne house.