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The 2021 wine year

Mildew :-(

This year is proving very challenging for our wine season – the season is not over, but we already know that this will be our worst harvest ever.


 The main culprit is the mildew, caused by the heavy rainfall in June and July. Since 2020, we have started converting our entire vineyard to organic farming. We were fully aware of the risks, such as lesser effectiveness against mildew. Our decision to convert to organic farming was carefully taken, with significant investment in equipment and the whole team redoubling efforts. However, we didn’t expect these exceptional rains… Thankfully, we have the support of the Champagne organization which gives us a “reserve” in the eventuality of a bad harvest – this is a privileged position to be in, even if it is always heartbreaking to see a full year of work destroyed. Despite it all, we are looking forward more clement years ahead. Though the weather in 2020 was exceptionally dry, and in 2021, exceptionally wet (locally, this was not the case throughout the Champagne region), so it is hard to be completely serene looking ahead.


 Nevertheless, we keep the hope and also the desire to do the best work possible… to offer you good Champagne!