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Prélèvements Champagne Vendanges Damery Prélèvements Champagne Vendanges Damery

When to harvest ?

We will start with our Meunier grapes, on September 14th

The harvest opening dates are official, by village and by grape variety. 


Technicians and elected officials collect the requests of the representatives of the winegrowers of each village and validate or not their requests. 


The requests are motivated by the results  of the "maturation network". This involves : Random picking, observing quality and ripeness, pressing, tasting, measuring sugar and acidity and centralising all this data. 


Harvesting at the optimum time is always complicated, because we have to decide early enough to organise our harvest, which is manual and therefore requires the arrival of our grape pickers. 

Thank you to them for their work!


And harvesting at the optimum time is essential for the quality of the Champagne.